With my high-tech microphones and digital recorder I can make you sound like a million bucks.

Here’s what I’m available to do:


I’ve worked as a reporter and producer in public radio for twenty years. These days I’m an independent reporter for a variety of shows and outlets. I report for NPR’s arts & culture desk, where I profile well-known artists, musicians, actors and writers, like this remembrance of actor Betty White. And I report and host episodes for NPR’s Life Kit podcast.


In addition to making my own stories, I help other people bring their stories and shows to life. As a producer, I’ve worked at KUOW’s podcast department, helping produce several of their shows. I’ve worked as a senior producer on the podcast “Battle Tactics for your Sexist Workplace.” And I was a field producer for Wondery’s true crime podcast, “Suspect.”


My parents were both teachers and I enjoy teaching as well. I’m available for one on one consultations and for group presentations and classes. Here are some topics I am knowledge and passionate about:

  • How to tell your story in a compelling way
  • Finding the heart of your story
  • How to sound like yourself on the microphone
  • How print journalists can embrace audio