With my high-tech microphones and digital recorder I can make you sound like a million bucks.

Here are a couple of unique services I offer:

Personal NPR-style recordings

Do you want to voice a letter and send it to a loved one? Maybe create a heart-felt apology to be shared? What about capturing grandma telling some of her favorite stories and memories? Hire me to come and do just that. I can travel to you with my high-quality digital recorder and microphones and record anyone saying anything. Your “audio letters” could be:

  • A greeting
  • A goodbye
  • An apology
  • An effort at reconnection
  • A remembrance
  • Well wishes
  • A holiday message
  • A future message for family members

I’m also available to record oral histories and stories from organizations and groups. Or hire me to attend an event: that special wedding or family reunion where I can record the voices of many people and put them together in a recording that will last a lifetime.

“When Kyle recorded me speaking my love letter to my Grandma, he knew how to be present for intimate stories in a supportive way without being obtrusive. He asked thoughtful clarifying questions (he edited his voice out later), which brought my reflections deeper. Giving Grandma this recording was one of the most important gifts I have ever given; I had the opportunity–from a distance and before she dies–to be vulnerable and honest with her on a level we would not have gotten to over the phone. Kyle does not work in the superficial—he is a deep-diver, and his service is of the heart.” -Anni Kamola

Voice Overs & Narration

I love using my voice to tell other people’s stories. I’m available for narration and audio books. Topics I enjoy voicing include: YA, LGBTQ, memoir, self-help, non-fiction and fiction.

Listen to my commercial demo

Consulting & Coaching

Here are 3 areas I specialize in:


It is a true skill to be able to sound like yourself while talking on a microphone. And for most of us, it’s a skill that takes practice. Let me help you find ease in your body and voice which will translate to you sounding like your relaxed self on the microphone.

“Kyle has helped me totally transform my relationship with my voice. He’s helped me transform my awkward, fumbley and shy feelings into feeling confident and excited to create my podcast and recorded guided meditation recordings for my clients. He’s a one-of-a-kind voice coach with a wealth of knowledge and wickedly good teaching skills making the whole process of working with him feel easy and natural. If you’re on the fence about working with him, do it. Your voice will thank you.”  -Joanna Schmidt


So you want to make a podcast? Or you have an amazing story idea? That’s great, but what makes your tale powerful and unique? Why will people feel compelled to listen? These are important questions to explore and can lead to finding the originality and power in your ideas. Let me help you explore what’s driving you to tell this story and where the truth and connection lies, so that others will resonate with it as well.


There are some major difference to learn when journalists pivot from print to audio. Let me help you learn the tricks of the trade, including conversation writing and emotionally-centric interviewing, which will make your audio work sing.