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“Kyle Norris is a dream to work with. As a producer and editor, he’s focused, kind, and clear. His heart and his head are evident in all the work he makes. He’s a wonderful collaborator; he can effectively bounce around ideas and make them better, he can do responsive, positive edits on feature stories and podcasts, he can get excellent tape and interviews, and he can take your amorphous ideas and give them shape and clarity. And he can do all of this on deadline. I’ve worked with Kyle on two different projects now, and it’s been delightful and instructive each time.”

Jeannie Yandel, Special Projects Editor, KUOW Public Radio

“Kyle Norris is the real deal. I’ve heard a lot of voices in my 25 years in public radio. None is warmer, more expressive or more natural than Kyle’s. He has this innate intimacy that invites the listener into a story in a totally welcoming way. That carries over into his interviewing. Kyle has such an ability to get the perfect quote that goes beyond the superficial. From government officials to kids in an art class, Kyle connects with the people he talks to, and that’s a gateway for the audience to connect as well. When Kyle cuts that interview and writes around it, his connection shines through again. Every transition from script to tape feels so natural you hardly notice it, but it is really carefully crafted so that the focus is on the story, not on Kyle.”

Sara Sarasohn, Former NPR Arts & Culture Editor

“As my mentor throughout KUOW’s RadioActive workshop, Kyle introduced me to the inner workings of radio journalism. Kyle did an amazing job in teaching me in the span of two months how to write a strong lede, build my interviewing skills, scriptwriting, and shape my voice for radio. The effort and time Kyle has put into my time at RadioActive showed me how much he cared about my success within the workshop which I will never forget. Kyle reminds me of the favorite teacher that you had in either elementary or high school who you’d never forget their personality and the comfort they’d bring when you asked them for advice or just wanted to chat with them during lunch. The result of Kyle’s mentorship has allowed me to pursue journalism as a career and words can’t really express how thankful I am for his presence in my life.”

Marian Mohamed, RadioActive Alumni

“The story I made about my history with gender norms is certainly my most favorite to work on, and I believe one of the main reasons for it being so amazing is the fact that I had Kyle helping me the whole time. There were many times when Kyle was able to encourage me to keep moving forward, and the energy he brought to every single one of our meetings was able to get me going for the day. When I tried to interview strangers at the mall about gender norms, I wasn’t able to get anyone to talk to me. When I was ready to go home and felt frustrated, I messaged Kyle about what I was going through and he had the great idea to walk through some stores while I recorded my commentary, and this really helped my story progress. Kyle is such a great person to work with and is an amazing teacher. Kyle encourages me to be a better writer and interviewer, and I’m incredibly grateful for his help over the last few years.”

–Antonio Nevarez, RadioActive Youth

“Kyle was instrumental in the success of the series Suspect – working in the field with journalists who were inexperienced with audio work to capture scenes and coach the journalists with audio specific questioning and location recording. He literally saved the day when Covid prevented other producers from traveling, making sure we were able to capture not just usable tape but outstanding moments for the series. He also worked independently with some interviewees to capture scene tape, deftly extracting reflections from them that proved crucial tape in the series. In doing all this he showed extreme sensitivity with vulnerable interviewees. I would absolutely recommend Kyle as a producer.”

David Waters, “Suspect” Executive Producer

“When Kyle recorded me speaking my love letter to my Grandma, he knew how to be present for intimate stories in a supportive way without being obtrusive. He asked thoughtful clarifying questions (he edited his voice out later), which brought my reflections deeper. Giving Grandma this recording was one of the most important gifts I have ever given; I had the opportunity–from a distance and before she dies–to be vulnerable and honest with her on a level we would not have gotten to over the phone. Kyle does not work in the superficial—he is a deep-diver, and his service is of the heart.”

Anni Kamola